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Hello World...

Welcome to Overbars Creative!

My name is Ulika and I'll be sharing with you relevant and helpful tips that will help in taking your brand image to the next level.

Fun Facts

  • Overbars, the birth!

I was a Professional High Jumper Athlete who competed internationally and was awarded a silver medal for outstanding accomplishments. Reaching higher heights meant overcoming challenges and finding solutions to succeed. With that philosophy, Overbars was born, which instilled in me the mission to help others to go over their obstacles.

  • Engineering Mindset

I'm a graduate in IT and have an MBA. In my first year working as a Project Engineer Trainee, I received the Rookie Of The Year Award by my previous employer for tenacity, ambition, empathy, and problem solving skills which led to a company saving of over $1,000,000.

Our Company

Today, I am extremely excited to be the Founder & Creative Director of Overbars Creative, a B2B video production agency in Houston that creates captivating videos with marketing strategies that boost your brand image, drives traffic, and delivers business results. I couldn't feel more grateful and honored to be here thanks to the talent and diligence of my amazing team.

Enjoy The Ride

This blog is going to be insightful and we are confident that we will add value to your Business, so stay tuned by Subscribing below or Contact Us to see how we can elevate your brand.



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