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The Impact of Videos in Trade Shows

We just wrapped up at LAGCOE in Lafayette, Louisiana for the Energy Fest 2022.

This event was an agglomeration of energy and technology companies, which propelled them to exchanged several ideas to push forward their business as well as bring opportunities to people across the US. However, we noticed that some companies could have used videos to display their products and services in a short, professional, and attractive manner.

Below you will find a recap of the event in which we interviewed Thad Shaw, who works for Mako Products. Thad's exhibition booth called our attention immediately by having a very eye catching video about the company he works for, as well as other attractive Marketing Techniques. Therefore, he shared why companies should invest in videos if they are going to be showcasing their product or services in Trade Shows or Expos.

Furthermore, we interviewed Fumy Rita, the Director of Operations and International Affairs of LAGCOE, who also shared some light on this issue, as well as sharing how the Energy Fest 2022 is such an important event to business owners and what was their strategy for putting this event together.

Fortunately for these companies, Overbars Creative exists to provide Video Solutions to help them build new relationships, increase engagements, and achieve their goals through videos.

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